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Die Welt was a founder member of the European Dailies Alliance, and has a longstanding co-operation with comparable daily newspapers from other countries, including the Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, .

Business Thomson Reuters Thursday April 21, According to Die Welt, the European Commission recently discovered that VW's cheating on emissions tests caused the group to violate consumer laws in 20 countries in the European Union. Germany has recruited 8, people to teach child refugees German, as the country expects the number of new arrivals to soar past the million mark in , Die Welt daily reported on Sunday.

German police have arrested a married couple suspected of having planned an attack and have seized an assault rifle, ammunition and a pipe bomb in their home, Die Welt daily reported Thursday. RIM mulls licensing out software: Business Monday January 21, Research In Motion RIM will look into strategic alliances with other technology companies once it has launched its new BlackBerry 10 models, its chief executive told a German newspaper.

Springer CEO says "free beer" era for internet ending. Business Thursday October 18, Germany's largest newspaper publisher will introduce a paywall for its flagship national daily Die Welt by the end of this year and is confident competitors will follow suit, Axel Springer Chief Executive Mathias Doepfner said.

Spain says losing credit access, seeks help for banks. Then, Pep Guardiola called him. English-News Cyber terrorism The code of evil. English-News Cyberwar Fighting an invisible battle.

An American data expert took on a secret mission and uncovered how a Chinese army of hackers had spent years fighting against the USA. This case shows how cyber war works — and what Germany will soon have to deal with. Bogachev evidently cooperates with the Russian secret service, which willingly uses criminal hackers as spies.

English-News German general election How voters switched parties at the German election - visualised. What were the voter flows in the German election? Who lost votes to the AfD? Always assuming there is no rebellion within the Union, Merkel is going to have to face questions about why all her partners end up being destroyed.

Where did these voters come from?