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After age 32, conscripted Landwehr soldiers were transferred to the Landsturm militia. The shirts worn by the Landwehr infantry were of the same colour as the jacket with grass-green gorget patches to indicate their arm of service.

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Stores in Deutschlandsberg, Vienna and Munich. I hereby agree to the terms of use and have read the description for the data security.

Unsubscribing possible at any time. The two bearing edges form force receiving locations during use of the underweight body in the housing mounted transmission. Der Steg 48 verhindert hierbei uner wünschte Relativbewegungen zwischen den Lagerrändern 34 und The web 48 prevents this unwanted desired relative movements between the bearing edges 34 and Die Lagerränder 12 und 25 bilden ebenso wie der Lagerrand 34 Lagernaben.

The bearing edges 12 and 25 as well as the bearing edge 34 form bearing boss. Die jeweiligen Getriebeteile werden durch die Montageöffnung 7 in das Gehäuse eingesetzt und in ihre Einbaulage gebracht.

The respective gear members are inserted through the mounting opening 7 in the housing and brought into its installation position. Since the bearing edge is provided with the through-opening 35 34, also a gear may be introduced into the housing through the mounting opening 7, whose diameter is greater than the distance between the upper, horizontally disposed at the same height webs 49, 43 and the opposite edge 50 of the mounting opening 7 Fig.

Such a large gear is set in a held so that it protrudes through the through-opening 35 to the bearing opening 49 in the housing. In this way, a large gear can be installed easily into the housing without a second mounting hole is required in another side wall of the housing. Das Schnecken rand 51 sitzt auf einer Buchse 52 , die an ihrem vom Wälzlager 17 abgewandten Ende einen Radialflansch 53 hat, an dem das Schneckenrad 51 vorzugsweise lösbar befestigt ist.

The worm edge 51 rests on a bush 52 which has a radial flange 53 at its end facing away from the rolling bearing 17 end where the worm wheel 51 is preferably releasably attached.

Das Schneckenrad 51 hat an seiner dem Wälzlager 18 zugewandten Stirnseite eine entsprechende Vertiefung, in welche der Radialflansch 53 der Buchse 52 eingreift Fig. The worm wheel 51 has on its side facing the roller bearing 18 end face a corresponding recess, in which the radial flange 53 of the sleeve 52 is engaged Fig.

Die Buchse 52 selbst ist mit einer Feder 54 drehfest mit der Welle 10 verbunden. The bush 52 itself is provided with a spring 54 rotationally connected to the shaft 10th Das Wälzlager 17 ist in der einen Axialrichtung durch den Sicherungsring 15 und in der anderen Axialrichtung durch die Buchse 52 gesichert, die am Wälzlager anliegt.

The rolling bearing 17 is secured in the axial direction by a retaining ring 15 and in the other axial direction through the bushing 52, which rests against the rolling bearing.

Das gegenüberliegende Wälzlager 18 ist durch den Sicherungs ring 16 und durch einen Absatz 55 in der Mantelfläche der Welle 10 in der anderen Richtung lagegesichert. The opposite bearing ring 18 is by the fuse 16 and secured in position by a shoulder 55 in the outer surface of the shaft 10 in the other direction. Das Wälzlager 18 liegt an diesem Absatz 55 an, wie Fig.

The rolling bearing 18 abuts against this shoulder 55, as Fig. Das Schneckenrad 51 kämmt mit der Schnecke 30 , deren Achse 56 senkrecht zur Schneckenradachse 57 liegt. The worm wheel 51 meshes with the worm 30, the axis of which is perpendicular to the worm wheel 56 57th Die Schnecke 30 ist in der Lagernabe 25 mittels des Wälz lagers 29 drehbar gelagert, das am Absatz 28 der Lager nabe anliegt und dadurch in der einen Axialrichtung lage gesichert ist.

The screw 30 is mounted in the bearing hub 25 by means of the rolling bearing 29 rotatably, the hub bears on the shoulder 28 of the bearing and thereby an axial direction in which is secured in position. In der anderen Axialrichtung wird das Wälzlager 29 durch einen Bund 58 der Schnecke lagege sichert, an dem das Wälzlager anliegt. In the other axial direction of the rolling bearing 29 is assured by a collar 58 of the screw lagege on which the rolling bearing is applied.

Die Schnecke 30 hat an der gegenüberliegenden Seite einen weiteren Bund 59 , an dem das Wälzlager 36 anliegt, das auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite durch den Sicherungsring 47 axial lagegesichert ist. The screw 30 has on the opposite side a further collar 59 on which the roller bearing 36 rests, which is secured in position axially on the opposite side by the snap ring 47th.

The diameter of the worm wheel 51 is greater than the distance 60 Fig. Infolge der Durchführöffnung 35 kann dieses Schneckenrad 51 dennoch durch die Montageöffnung 7 in das Gehäuse geführt werden. As a result of the through-opening 35 of this worm gear can be guided through the mounting opening 7 in the housing 51 nonetheless.

The distance 61 between the upper edge 50 of the mounting opening 7 and the lowermost point 62 of the bearing rim 34 is in this case greater than the diameter of the worm wheel 51st Die Welle 10 wird durch eine der beiden Lager öffnungen 8 und 9 in das Gehäuse geschoben, in das zuvor das Schneckenrad 51 in der beschriebenen Weise eingesetzt worden ist. The shaft 10 is through one of the two bearing openings 8 and 9 are pushed into the housing in which the worm wheel has been used in the manner described previously Subsequently the screw 30 can be mounted with the rolling bearings 29 and 36 over the mounting opening.

Das über das Wälzlager 36 in Richtung auf die Montageöffnung 7 weisende Ende 63 der Schnecke 30 trägt drehfest ein Zahnrad 64 , in das ein Zahnrad 65 einer Antriebswelle 66 eingreift. The pointing in the direction towards the mounting opening 7 via the roller bearing 36 the end 63 of the screw 30 carries non-rotatably a gear 64 in which a gear 65 engages a drive shaft 66th Die beiden miteinander kämmenden Zahnräder 64 und 65 liegen in der Montageöffnung 7 , während die Antriebswelle 66 durch die Montageöffnung 7 aus dem Ge häuse ragt.

The two intermeshing gears 64 and 65 are in the mounting opening 7, while the drive shaft protrudes from the housing through the mounting opening Ge 7 66th. Auf den die Montageöffnung 7 umgebenden Rand 67 Fig. At the mounting opening 7 surrounding edge 67 FIG. Der Rand 67 ist über seinen Umfang mit entsprechenden Bohrungen 69 Fig. The edge 67 is provided for bolts and threaded bolt, with which the connecting flange can be screwed to the edge 67 68 over its circumference with corresponding holes 69 Fig.

Beim beschriebenen Getriebegehäuse sind sämtliche Lager stellen 8 , 9 , 25 , 34 innerhalb des blockförmig ausgebildeten Getriebegehäuses untergebracht. In the described gearbox housing all bearings are set 8, 9, 25, 34 housed inside the block-shaped gear housing.

Dadurch ergibt sich eine sehr hohe Gesamtsteifigkeit des Getriebegehäuses. This results in a very high overall rigidity of the gear housing. Da keine querkraftbelasteten Lagerdeckel erforderlich sind, treten die mit solchen Lagerdeckeln verbundenen Dichtprobleme nicht auf.

Since no transverse forces loaded bearing caps are needed, the costs associated with such bearing caps sealing problems do not occur. Finally, this gearbox housing can be very simple and inexpensive manufacture, above all. Due to the strategic re-orientation the call for submissions and the public award ceremony will no longer take place. This direction will be retained in the new format. The Schweighofer private foundation supports charity projects in Austria, Romania and India.

The c focus lies on social and health institutions, schools and training institutes in the regions where Holzindustrie Schweighofer operates its mills.

On May 22, a public letter from Ukrainian ecological organization Kyiv Ecology and Culture Center appeared indicating that construction of wood processing factory in Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine would require tons of gravel to be excavated from local river beds, thus threatening Carpathian ecology.

The report implicates Schweighofer as a major promoter and recipient of the destruction of Carpathian old growth forests. In response to criticism, the company has presented an action plan for a sustainable timber industry in Romania.

Its core measure is the self-developed GPS tracking system "Timflow". Holzindustrie Schweighofer records the route of all trucks that deliver saw logs to its sawmills. This data, together with photos of the loaded trucks, is publicly available at www. Holzindustrie Schweighofer wants to prove with this data that it does not receive wood of illegal origin and also adheres to its voluntary commitment not to accept wood from national parks. An investigation in by Environmental Investigation Agency found that the company was continuing to buy wood from third party suppliers which comes from Romania's national parks.

Moreover, the company has made a voluntary commitment not to process any wood originating from national parks. Edit Read in another language Holzindustrie Schweighofer. This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it.

Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. KG, Krefeld, Germany Prize winner Hans Hundegger, Otto Martin enterprises, Allgäu, Germany On the occasion of the eighth award ceremony a strategic re-orientation of the Schweighofer Prize was decided. Nord Forest Edition, Viena Ziarul Financiar, 7 August Business Magazin, 27 October Mediafax, 27 October Retrieved 17 February Biggest timber producer in Romania continues to use logs from national parks".

Constant improvement of robust due diligence system for wood deliveries in Romania — offer of cooperation to NGOs".