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This calculation results in a body mass index percentile. The profile is activated either using either a commandline flag -P or a preference in the IDE. Although most of us really try to get enough sleep, studies show that too many of us miss the mark way too…. These files are scans of authentic antique and contemporary "L" TM maps from throughout the century. An overview of how substations convert electricity from the local utility into the volts that powers the "L", and of the design of the third rail shoes used on "L" trains.

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The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is an international effort to build the next generation ground-based observatory for gamma-ray astronomy at very-high energies with more than telescopes located in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Published for the Century of Progress World's Fair ; features the motor coach connection from Cermak Road to the fair, begun June 2, Shows a detailed map of the subway in an expanded downtown inset that includes the Near North and Near South Sides.

Includes detailed information on how to ride the elevated, including route descriptions, stopping patterns, and hours of operation. Map shows the newly-opened State Street Subway. Includes newly-opened Dan Ryan and Kennedy routes. Note ad for the 40 O'Harexpress bus extension route from Jefferson Park to the airport.

Map includes the new O'Hare extension and was the first to color-code the lines although color names for the lines would not be adopted until Green Line appears on the map only as a dashed line, as it is closed for renovation. Routes, Fares, Service Changes, etc. Map has several war bonds advertisements. If you need to travel into areas which are serviced by demand response buses, please call the information phone number one hour in advance or advise the bus operator you need this service.

To find out if you live in a demand response area, please call:. Please be patient between the hours of 2 p. Monday through Friday 5: There is no CTS service on Sundays. Are you interested in advertising with CTS? Our buses are a great advertising tool! CTS buses cover the majority of the City of Clarksville and we rotate our buses daily.

This guarantees city-wide coverage of your business ad. Please contact Veronica Williams at The mission of the Clarksville Transit System is to plan, implement, maintain and manage a public transportation system that allows for maximum mobility for the community with emphasis on safety, quality and efficiency.

After being approved by CTS, passengers must call the day before your trip by phone at before 4: For any questions regarding this service please call