NonFarm Payrolls

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Annual wages have increased 0. The US reported an increase of , jobs in November, significantly below expectations. Negative net revisions worth 12K were not helpful. Another downer was the slower wage growth in November: However, salaries are still up 3.

Moreover, the Unemployment rate remained at the historical low of 3. For seemingly the first time in months, today's US jobs report had at least a little potential to influence the imminent Federal Reserve interest rate decision.

The k US November payroll gain after 12k in downward revisions was a disappointment, as was a down-tick in the workweek to Yet the mix is typical of BLS survey week disruptions, as seen in September, and this month the week lined up with the California fires and cold stormy weather elsewhere.

Well, today is your lucky day the FXStreet team has been working on a research material to make you an expert in trading the NFP report. Considered the backbone of the U. Other signs of economic growth are often viewed with a little suspicion by market participants if employment figures are not at a healthy level.

Since the headline number for NFP tends to move all financial markets, as a trader it is important that you prepare for various scenarios , by developing models to predict the likely headline number and to trade the outcome. NonFarm Payrolls report measures the number of jobs added or lost in the US economy over the last month. It is released usually on the first Friday of each month, at 8: It is published by the US Department of Labor. This report is important because the US is the largest economy in the world and its currency US Dollar is the global reserve currency.

The many economies peg tie their currency's value to the reserve currency, many commodities such as gold and oil are priced in terms of the reserve currency and the local economy's debt is priced in terms of its own currency.

The NFP report, because of its importance to the reserve currency, tends to move all markets: It does it so immediately after the release of the economic data and sometimes so dramatically. The mission of the DOL is to assure the prosperity of the wage earners, job seekers which includes more than 10 million employers and million workers in the USA.

During NFP data release, spreads first fall apart and recover slowly afterwards as market calms down. The Non Farm Payrolls report is arguably one of biggest market movers in the Forex. Since the NFP report is scheduled this coming week, I thought it would be good for us to take a closer look at this fundamental giant.