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Retail supply chains are extremely complicated, and retailers typically build large custom systems around categories like PLM, which we specialize in -- product lifecycle management -- around workflow and other supply chain management applications, plus applications that touch logistics and integrate into ERP systems Retailers see that as strategic to their businesses. They all approach it differently. They all have some twist on it that they see as competitively important. Which is why vendors have not succeeded at selling fixed packages on the supply side to retail.

Is that retail vertical business coming from the US or China reps? TAL is one of the largest retail products manufacturers in the world. They are extremely profitable and strategic to retailers. Fountain Set is another one. How do you make the leap to providing services for financial services firms then?

The core strategic value that we have developed is the ability to build complex software products from scratch in China for delivery to the US. That requires a huge degree of process maturity.

We work differently today than we did five years ago. We were much more focused on heavy lifting -- everybody jump on a new project and do it to perfection. Those processes do migrate to other industries well. We should have it in December And the audit firm is from India because CMMI -- as a value -- was really developed and proven by the major outsourcing firms in India. Why are financial services so important to your company?

FTVentures [is] a special kind of firm. They really are a consortium of financial services firms with a mission of giving companies expansion capital to deliver services to financial services.

Delivering technologies to financial services requires the same degree of industry knowledge as delivering in retail. We were interested in their partnership, in their ability to recruit top talent, in their track record in building outsourcing services firms. The reason [the financial services firms] invested in FTVentures was to turn around and be the client for the firms that FT [funds]. The banks give it to FT to decide where to place it, and then the banks become customers of the companies that FT invests in.

The top Indian firms work in multiple verticals, not just one. Of the top five Indian firms, financial services is the largest vertical. Financial services firms dedicate a large percent of their budgets to IT and outsourcing.

Half of it was from Wall Street. Most major Wall Street firms decide, we are going to outsource. What are we keeping in-house? How strategic do we get with our outsourcing firms? Do we throw projects over the wall? Or do we actually bring them inside our firewall?

Merrill Lynch has got 2, people at Infosys. Lots of companies that are working in the China market are not sophisticated enough in terms of their process, in terms of their English language, in terms of their business knowledge [or] knowledge of how major western clients work, to deliver to them.

But China is more cost effective than India, significantly. And the clients feel this. They have to diversify away from India a bit. The only place where you can get the kind of scale that you can get in India is China.

What are your goals? We have [people] now in China. We plan to be at a thousand in 12 months. The good news is the talent pool is huge and well qualified. The education system is producing results. More importantly, multi-nationals are training good technologists in China. So IBM has huge facilities in China. Microsoft has huge facilities in China. Four years ago, Microsoft had 50 people in China. They know as technologists that their careers become valuable if two things happen: One, if they work in an English-speaking environment.

The other is the opportunity to work for multiple western-based clients outside of China. What is recruiting like in China vs. The key to success in operating in China is not having expatriates run the technology facilities. Expatriates meaning Americans, Indians, anybody outside of China.

We have many clients who will attest to that. Part of it is the history of the country. There are many bureaucrats in that economy In the US, on the left hand side [of a bell curve], there are relatively few bureaucrats in our economy as a percent of the working population. Relatively few people work in government.

Most people work in the middle, and professional management. And we have relatively few entrepreneurs on the right hand side as a percent of the working population. China is the exact reverse of that curve. And they want to make the leap to a private company.

But if you hire those guys, nothing gets done. We spend all of our effort, identifying, recruiting, training and retaining those people. Initially we recruited at the top -- 20 people from the US who were Chinese citizens, who were from the US or Canada or Europe who were on H-1 visas or some kind of visas and working for western software companies They had a taste for how western clients consumed technology services.

So we were able to populate our initial management ranks in China with those people. Then [those management groups] spend a great deal of effort identifying and recruiting in China.

But they all go there because of the opportunity and because major firms like IBM and Microsoft are set up there. We recruit through our network in China. We use Web sites.

We use job fairs. We do use recruiters as well Last year, we went through 20, applications and invited 3, for first-round interviews and testing. We invited back for second round interviews and further testing. We gave offers and accepted. What we were recruiting for last year, we definitely emphasized English language. People must speak English as well as being strong technologists. We tie our comp plan to demonstrating increasingly proficient English skills. We do a lot of training around how to speak with clients.

What clients are concerned about, how to ask questions, how to listen. What are the US-based folks doing? She has a couple of decades in retail. All of our retail team has great degree of retail credibility and business credibility. So what they do is initiate discussions with the client. Clients typically are very vague in the beginning: The industry experts on the front end will work with the business users to really flesh out what the use of this product is, will define the high-level requirements, will drive those high-level requirements into detailed use cases and detailed functional specs.

That team lead will take the hand-off. And we have deployed in China solutions managers who will get assigned to the project as well, who will clarify any questions on the spot in China about requirements, will build a sizing plan and execute against the documentation. Sizing is the key to the whole thing. And we are very highly productive in China. Most of the clients take our deliverables and use them in their business.

One of the reasons our growth has been so swift is that we are close to the client, and we make decisions close to the client. We push decision authority in this organization down to client partners who live with our clients. And the whole compliance area in financial services is a very big growth area.

Like retailers, financial services firms are global. They work in many different geographies and legal environments. And if not, you get them additional training. What systems are you using? You want to squeeze out all communication error. So we have documentation and processes around issue resolution, around decision checkpoints, around escalation procedures. We constantly train on and reinforce process. You cannot work in an ad hoc way.

Talk about intellectual property. I can see it be important to financial services, but retail? I think the whole category needs to be taken very, very seriously. But at the same time, these systems are delivering competitive advantage to the client. It happens to be in China. The teams are dedicated and the infrastructure is secure. We encourage our clients to visit us. You will not see a scrap of paper.

No one can bring anything in, no one can bring anything out. Everyone is searched on the way in and on the way out. We have no USB ports. It actually adds seriousness to the environment. So what is the dress code? The work is very professional, but well meted out, well planned. Reach her at dian sourcingmag. Improve your IT outsourcing efforts Get articles like this sent to you free once a week!

Die Infosys von China. Wenn es halb so gut kommt, bin ich auch schon zufrieden. Die Hebelwirkung auf ein Unternehmen mit etwas mehr als Millionen Marktkapitalisierung, die schon zur Hälfte bis zwei Drittel durch Cash und Wertpapiere abgedeckt ist, ist enorm.

You blog, of course. Walker into that article, I present them here To grow big and get sucked up by somebody else? We think there will be an Infosys of China, and we think we will be it. That is really the strategy, to be the Infosys of China What is the state of the China development market right now?

What does it look like to you? There is just a huge new supply of qualified, educated technical programmers coming out of schools, coming out of some of the captive sites that Microsoft and others have set up. So what we see is just a tremendously educated, tremendously motivated supply of labor.

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