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In comparison to the other tier 8 medium tanks, the Indien-Panzer boasts a decent penetration AP round at pen. Its engine has a very low chance of catching on fire, which is further safeguarded by the rear-mounted transmission, a common problem in German vehicles. The alpha damage isn't very high, but is relatively good in comparison to competing mediums.

Probably the most distinguishing advantage of the Indien-Panzer is its excellent gun depression coupled with a very small and difficult-to-hit turret and high damage per minute. Unfortunately, the turret won't hold up if it does get hit. Finding and getting used to the Indien's play style will prepare its driver for the next tanks in the line, the Leopards, which are very similar in being very flexible, maneuverable, potent snipers, and capable jack-of-all-trades.

As for the play-style itself, it can be best described as a highly mobile turreted tank destroyer, a pure support medium. Stay back in the second line, use your gun depression to expose as little as possible, hide behind bushes to aim in, keep the gun firing from stationary positions, and when needed, you can spot some targets and move to another fixed position and keep up a steady stream of effective support fire. With your high DPM and reliable mix of penetration and accuracy, you can bleed down enemies from afar.

If you need to shoot on the move, it's important to practice "bloom control": This is, in common with the AMX 50 , a very important skill to learn, as firing while on the move with both the hull and turret traversing in either is almost a guaranteed miss, even at point-blank ranges.

The stock gun is thoroughly inadequate, and the upgrade should be researched early. Unfortunately, you can't mount the second gun or any equipment before upgrading the tracks or adding Enhanced Leaf Springs class 2. However, for another Xp you can get the 9 cm gun which is lighter and thus will allow you to use both the gun and equipment without having to get the upgraded tracks.

The top engine and top radio are unlocked when you research Leopard PT A , but consider at least researching the updated engine beforehand to improve your mobility.

The Indian panzer competed with the British design, which the Indians eventually choose. Interestingly the Vickers tank was built entirely from welded rolled steel plates. According to some sources this feature was seen as an advantage by the Indian army, who wanted the tank to be license built in the country. Cast armor requires special foundry facilities, which were not available in India at the time the Vickers tank was developed.

The Porsche design, on the contrary, had cast turret and much of the hull, so to build it in India might have been considered not impossible but surely quite difficult and expensive. Willkommen bei der Wargaming. Lesen Quelltext Verlauf anzeigen. Vodafone Business Services Digilogue - Your guide to digitally transforming your business. TomorrowMakers Let's get smarter about money.

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