Zero-hour contract

An employee can end up with no pay at the end of the week because the employer does not need to guarantee work". We use cookies to provide a user-friendly experience. And how should investors position themselves? These include Sports Direct and cinema chains Curzon and Everyman. Think of a Hollywood film.

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Innovations for the real world. Burkhard Varnholt in a video interview: Lessons learned in "Prepare, don't predict. Emerging markets to raise their share Emerging economies will be responsible for almost one third of the global growth. Under UK law a distinction is drawn between a mere "worker" and an "employee," an employee having more legal rights than a worker.

Thus, when deciding whether a zero-hours contract constitutes a contract of employment, conferring employee status, the wording of the contract will not be determinative of whether there is, in practice, a mutuality of obligation. The tribunal will look closely at the reality of the agreement. If the reality is that there is a pattern of regular work which is regularly accepted, the tribunal may deem the contract to be one of employment. On a date to be appointed, s. Zero-hour contracts were being used in an increasing number of jobs after the global financial crisis in the private, non-profit, and public sectors in the United Kingdom:.

The survey found that larger companies are more likely to use zero-hours contracts. In the UK, zero-hour contracts are controversial. British business leaders have supported them, stating that they provide a flexible labour market. They also raise concerns about how workers can adequately assert their employment rights or maintain decent employment relations. A Channel 4 documentary broadcast on 1 August employed secret cameras in Amazon UK's Rugeley warehouse to document worker abuses and claimed that Amazon used "controversial" zero-hour contracts as a tool to reprimand staff, and were "tagging" employees with GPS and subjecting them to harsh working conditions.

Workers subject to zero-hour contracts are vulnerable to exploitation as they may be denied work at any time for any reason, including declining to respond to a demand to work.

A refusal to work in any one instance for any reason can result in a prolonged period of lack of work. The rapidly growing use of zero-hour contracts was the subject of a series of articles in late July by The Guardian and as of was of concern to Parliament.

The Institute of Directors , a chartered organisation of British business leaders, has defended the contracts as providing a flexible labour market, citing the lack of flexibility in Italy and Spain. The tried and tested 'Hollywood model' is spreading to other industries. While zero-hours contracts are particularly common in fast food and retail, other sectors where workflow is unpredictable, such as the creative industries advertising, PR, film and design , have long employed 'per project contract' freelance talent to deal with the ups and downs, and the specific skill requirements of individual projects.

Think of a Hollywood film. The script writer, director, actors, extras, make-up artists, in fact everyone, is contracted on a temporary basis. When the project is completed, each has to find the next contract.

That's a trend that's spreading to other, less 'arty' areas of work. In , several UK chains which had widely been using zero-hour contracts announced that they would phase these out during These include Sports Direct and cinema chains Curzon and Everyman. Casual labour contracts in Canada can have "no guaranteed minimum hours," [42] place "no obligation on the employer to provide work", and pay can be "pro rated in line with hours worked.

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